Friday, February 28, 2014

Behold! A Mixtape for the Road. (7QT)

Linking up with 7 Quick Takes this week as a quick "I'm still here" while I spend most of the week trying to finish some last minute projects before my trip this week.  I'm heading off to spend some quality time with Elizabeth, Bonnie and Kendra at the Behold Conference.  I can't wait to meet more folks face to face and just be bolstered in my faith and vocation.

I'll be spending a little time on the road on Friday, which I love.  I've driven from Iowa to Texas and back and almost the entire length Interstate 80, twice.  I love car trips and haven't taken a decent one since we moved back from Oregon almost four years ago.

So accompanying me on my car trip this weekend will be these lovely musicians:

1.  Basia Bulat - Heart of my Own

2. Adam & I - My first download from Love Good Music and I'm quite please so far.

3. Gaelic Storm - I'll finally have some time to listen to their new cd properly, but honestly I'll be throwing in some Chicken Boxer, Cabbage and others to fill the gaps.

4.  Marian Call -

5. Colleen Nixon - Lake Ella's Sky

6. Rend Collective Experiment - Campfire

7. Alanna-Marie Boudreau - Hands in the Land

Friday, February 21, 2014

7 Quick Takes - Crazy Week Edition!

It's been a while since a Quick Take has graced this space.

1)  We've had inches and inches of snow.  Then warm temps.  Then rain, more rain, hail, thunder and then more melting snow.  Right now the God of the North Wind is desperately trying to knock down my house Big Bad Wolf style.

I'm done with you winter.

2)  All of this culminated in our basement flooding last night

Why yes that is the hose from outside hooked up to our sump pump dumping water into our basement shower drain.
And yes, we still rock the 1979 orange carpet the house was built with downstairs.
We even have a couch that matches.

3)  Currently I'm waiting to see if my car, which randomly died 2 hours after the basement started to flood, is going to charge enough to get to work.  Flooded basement  + Car problems might = Mental Health Day on Friday.

4)  I wrote a little GIF-y post for Christy about the Edel Gathering and you guys seemed to like it.

It's just what I do.

5)  I'm in the middle of two books for various bookclubs : Daring Greatly and Mansfield Park .  Let's just say that Fanny Price could probably use a copy of "Daring Greatly" sent to her post haste.

6) I'll be knitting up a storm over the last few days to finish a few things before I head off to the Behold Conference next Friday

7)  Today is also the last day of my GIVEAWAY - be sure to get your entry in before midnight!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

5 {Favourite} Stages of Edel Gathering Denial and Acceptance

For today's 5 Favourites I thought I'd take you through the Five Stages of Edel Conference Denial and Acceptance.  (Okay, there might be more than 5 stages).

When we first heard about the conference, I think everyone experienced a little of :

1)  Then there was the announcement of the price and I know I wasn't alone in feeling a little:

and maybe a few moments of:

2) Then everyone started to tell you they were going and you tried to play it cool:

But were really feeling more like this:

3) Then you have a moment of clarity:

4) You crunch the numbers again, hit that order button and announce calmly  "I'm Going to Edel!" while doing a little happy dance:

All the while imagining that your blogging friends are doing this when they see your announcement:

5)  And from then on you're riding the happy cloud:

Oh my goodness, folks.  I'm going to the Edel Gathering.... {um... anyone want to buy a book so I can actually afford it?}
But the big question is.... Will I see you there?

Speaking of books - you have until Friday to Enter THIS GIVEAWAY!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Year of Books : Dinosaurs

What is it about dinosaurs that fascinates us?
This is another personal favorite.  We love dinosaurs in this house so the recommendations are many!

So many great books to share.
Don't forget that I'm sharing 3 of my favorite books in the 
"Give Love, Give Books Giveaway".
It is open until Friday night and there are many ways to enter!

Check out the book trailer for "Bob is a Unicorn".

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